Our Services


Expertmedia offers a wide range of services and solutions tailored to meet your requirements: 

  • Dedicated services for your installations
  • Shared services to optimise your costs
  • Hosting solutions for your data and applications
  • Global satellite coverage

Hosting & Cloud

Expertmedia offers a complete range of services enabling you to retain permanent access to and monitoring of your data. We also offer value-added managed services.
  • Cloud Computing solutions for IaaS to SaaS hosting projects
  • Private Tier III Design Datacentre
  • Infrastructures which support multiple environments: Windows, Linux, AIX

Microsoft 365


  • Sale and management of Office 365 & Microsoft 365 licences
  • Complete and personalised support for cost optimisation, data migration, user training and support
  • Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licences including collaboration software: Skype for Business, SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer, Teams, Word, Excel, etc.
  • Data hosted and backed up in Microsoft datacenters



  • Reliable and legally recognised
  • Facilitates the electronic exchange and validation of documents and contracts
  • Cryptographic mechanisms for document authentication
  • DocuSign’s eSignature solution is recognised in 180 countries

Virtual Servers


  • Virtual solutions using a VMWare Hypervisor
  • Business continuity plan for the datacentre at our technical centre
  • Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) linked to a Web Access Firewall (WAF)

Save & Restore


  • Save & backup of data and systems for rapid service restoration in the event of a failure
  • Support for physical and virtual environments
  • Multiple applications supported
  • Fully-managed mode available upon request



  • Availability of dedicated tailor-made Tier III-standard technical areas
  • Private spaces, full rack or bay
  • Redundant equipment (electricity, air conditioning, data…)


Availability of C or Ku band satellites

  • Capture of public audio and video signals;
  • Broadcast of private signals to clients;
  • Satellite up-link for broadcast to multiple clients.

Use of pre-installed antennas or via antennas which can be quickly deployed and aligned to additional satellites.

Because of the geographical position of the teleports, satellite arc visibility encompasses 58°W to 72°E.


Dedicated Services

Install your own equipment on our teleports or use our shared antennas


  • Reception facilities available;
  • Pre-equipped concrete slabs for the installation of new antennas;
  • Ku, Ka and C band operating licence ;
  • Antennas up to 11 metres in diameter.

Shared Services

Optimise your costs


  • Tailor-made solutions;
  • No upfront investment costs;
  • Simple and transparent monthly rental fees;
  • Multiple satellite coverage;
  • VNO service offer using various technologies;

Included in Our Offers:

Based on your requirements, the solutions on offer include:


  • Availability of an existing facility;
  • Equipment to meet your individual requirements;
  • Satellite bandwidth;
  • Application requests to the relevant authorities.

Available Upon Request:

  • Supervision;
  • Links between teleports and customer sites.


The geographical position of the Expertmedia teleports provides satellite arc visibility which encompasses 58°W to 72°E.

Our teleports currently target:

  • IS-14 45°W
  • YAMAL-202 49°E
  • SES-4 22°W
  • IS-33e 60°E
  • NSS-12 57°E
  • YAMAL-402 55°E
  • ARABSAT 5A 30.5°E
  • ABS3A 3°W
Pre-installed antennas available for rapid deployment of Ku and C band bandwidth.

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