Teleport and cloud services based in France

A global one-stop shop approach offering facilities, dedicated services and customised support.

Expertmedia offers a wide range of services and solutions tailored to meet your requirements.


Secure cloud hosting services for your sensitive data.


Backbone transmission facilities from our global centre.


Mediaport services to receive and broadcast AV streams.

At Expertmedia we put our know-how and expertise at the disposal of each client to guarantee outstanding quality of service at all times.

dedicated staff working with you on a daily basis

antennas for maximum coverage

VSAT stations operating within the Network Operations Centre

Expertmedia’s facilities are privately-owned; we have two teleports in addition to a datacentre. These dedicated and robust facilities enable us to provide high-quality services.


A Tier III, PCI-DSS certified datacentre

Lognes Teleport

10 antennas with room for expansion


Fréjus Teleport

7 antennas with room for expansion

Expertmedia provides 24/7 supervision for your services and installations, guaranteeing the very highest level of service availability.


managed network availability in 2021

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